Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hitmaker Chips Moman, 'Memphis Boys' recognized with historical marker

From the site:

It was a moment of recognition and validation, a celebration of old songs and friends, a chance to soak up praise and plaudits. For producer Chips Moman and the Memphis Boys, it was a day long overdue.

On Wednesday afternoon, Moman and his famed group of session musicians — a unit responsible for helping create some of the biggest and most familiar hits of the last half-century — were finally given official recognition with a Shelby County historical marker on the site where American Studios once stood. Moman also will be inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame later this year.

Now the location of a Family Dollar store, there had been little trace of the funky studio that once occupied the corner of Thomas and Chelsea. But for a decade between 1962 and 1972, American was a veritable hit factory that produced more than 120 chart records.


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