Friday, August 30, 2013

Culture Musicians Hall of Fame Reopens Today in Municipal Auditorium

Front row: (l-r) Shane Keister, Bobby Emmons, Ron (Snake) Reynolds, 4x, Ernie Winfree, Lou Bradley, Pete Finney, Gordon Kennedy, Will McFarlane, Clayton Ivey and JI Allison (standing) Middle row: Bruce Bouton, Mark Miller, Ray Edenton. Back row: Jim Horn, Sonny Curtis, Chris Leuzinger, Bobby Wood, Gene Chrisman, 6x, Reggie Young, Corky O’Dell, Duane Eddy, Joe Chambers, Steve Cropper, Brian Ahern, Charlie McCoy, Chuck Mead, Garry Tallent, Matthew Beckett, Mark Beckett, Mike Chapman, Jay McDowell

Reopening of Musician’s Hall of Fame in Nashville – Gene, Bobby, and Reggie are in the photo above.

From the site:

After closing over three years ago to make room for the Music City Center, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum reopens today. In a reception last night, founder and CEO Joe Chambers thanked the many supporters in the room, especially for their assistance in restoring many instruments that were damaged in the 2010 flood.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Morning Coming Down


Memphis Boys on Highwaymen Tour

Enjoyed this rendition of Kris’s great song Sunday Morning Coming Down. Check out Reggie’s great guitar playing on this! Great stuff!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New box set focuses on Elvis Presley's sessions at Memphis Stax Records

New box set focuses on Elvis Presley's sessions at Memphis Stax Records » The Co_2013-08-11_11-35-26

From the site:

This week, Sony put out a box set titled Elvis at Stax, a three-CD package documenting Presley’s July and December 1973 sessions at the South Memphis studio. Its release will be celebrated Tuesday with a special ceremony at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, part of the annual Elvis Week festivities…


…In addition to a mix of members of Elvis’ touring band (guitarist James Burton, drummer Ronnie Tutt) and a few former American Studios players (guitarist Reggie Young, bassist Tommy Cogbill), several Stax musicians, including MG’s bassist Duck Dunn, drummer Al Jackson Jr. and guitarist Bobby Manuel, were summoned to play with Presley.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

More thunder on the piano: Ronnie Milsap relives Memphis days with Elvis Presley (Video)

More thunder on the piano Ronnie Milsap relives Memphis days with Elvis Presley_2013-08-10_11-56-37

From the site:

How did you come to play piano and sing harmonies on Elvis’ legendary 1969 sessions at American Sound Studios in Memphis?

Well, I was living in Atlanta when I had my first mini hit in 1965, a Top 20 R&B ballad written by Ashford & Simpson called “Never Had It So Good.” Incidentally, it was my first record for Scepter Records, and audiences seeing me open for Sam & Dave and James Brown were probably shocked to discover that I was white [laughs].

Two years later Scepter asked me to record my next single at American with producer Chips Moman and the Memphis Boys [Gene Chrisman/drums, Reggie Young/guitar, Tommy Cogbill and Mike Leech/bass, Bobby Emmons/organ, and Bobby Wood/piano]. I thought it was a great idea, and that session helped me get my foot in the door.

I soon got a residency at the prestigious Playboy Club in Atlanta, where I was working an unbelievable six hours a night, six nights a week. Anyway, Chips showed up one night. He was pleased with our previous session and urged me to move to Memphis.

He told me that he would get me session work at American, introduce me to music industry bigwigs, produce my next hit, and land me a job at T.J.’s, a very busy nightclub owned by Jewish businessman Herbie O’Mell. Everything came true except for the hit record. Tommy Cogbill, who I admired very much, also talked to me, and I was finally convinced to make the move in November 1968 with my wife, Joyce.