Sunday, December 25, 2011

Great Stan Kesler Interview

Interview with Stan Kesler conducted by Rob Bowman and Ross Johnson -- great read:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Official opening of Pegasus Parkway

Chips at the dedication of Chips Moman Highway in LaGrange, GA:

TROUP COUNTY, GA - Troup County officially opened the South Loop (Pegasus Parkway, aka "The Chips Moman Highway") with a huge ceremony.

There was music written and played by Chips Moman himself and speakers who saw the project all the way through. The Chamber of Commerce was also on hand to cut the ribbon.

Pegasus Parkway, which now connects Whitesville Road to West Point and Roanoke Roads, is now officially open for your afternoon/morning commute. This section of the loop serves an alternative route to the Western portion of LaGrange.

On the north side of LaGrange, work is still underway to finish up the North Loop. This will connect Mooty Bridge Road to Whitesville Road. Using the North Loop, motorists will be able to travel from Mooty Bridge, Waugh, Young’s Mill, Hammett and Davis roads to Whitesville Road.

Sheriff Donny Turner encourages motorists to use caution while all motorists familiarize themselves with the new roadways. Leave in plenty of time to arrive at your destination, without the need for excessive speeding. Observe the speed limit signs, traffic signals and all other safety devices as you travel to and from home, work and Christmas Partiesl… And, as always – Buckle Up!

Satellite Makes Tracks For McLemore

Check out WKNO radio's excellent series on The Memphis Sound hosted by Rob Grayson. Chips figures prominently in the history of Memphis music and he is featured in several of these episodes:

Built in the 30‘s, The Capitol Theater on McLemore brings back fond memories to South Memphians of Saturdays spent watching double features, a serial, and three cartoons, plus a Coke and candy bar, all for a quarter. By 1960, those days were gone, and the building was up for rent. Chips Moman found it, and all parties decided it fit the bill. With 25-foot high ceilings and a sloped floor, the room retained a live concert-hall feeling which would give the label’s recordings an identifiable sound all their own. The team pitched in on renovations, building the control room on the stage, adding acoustic baffles, and converting the candy counter into a record store.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Reggie!

Nashville session guitarist Bill Hullett posts about Reggie's 75th birthday party yesterday:

Hi Guys..

My wife Debbie, my oldest son Clay, and his wife Beth and I had the most amazing time last night getting to help celebrate Reggies 75th birthday. Reggies wife Jenny Lynn pulled off a complete surprise party!!!

It was the most amazing assemblage of real music people all in one place that I've ever seen!!! I know that I'll forget a lot of names but here's a list of some that comes to mind

Originally from Memphis...

Chips Moman....Historic mega record producer
Bobby Wood.....A team Historic session player piano
Bobby Emmons..A team Historic session player B-3
Robby Turner...A team session player pedal steel
Gary Talley.....Original guitarist for the Boxtops!!
Gene Chrisman..A Team Historic session player Drums

Originally from Muscle Shoals

The Decoys...The house band for the event...They rocked!!!!!Featuring
Kelvin Holly ...Bad Boy session G&L Tele player!
David Hood....A team Historic session ace bass guitar

Spooner Oldham Historic A team keyboard session ace and songwriter
Jimmy Johnson... A team Historic session player & engineer
Claton Ivey A team Historic keyboard session player
Will McFarlane...A team session guitarist

The Nashville cats

Ray Edenton...Historic A team session guitarist
Jimmy Capps...Historic A team session guitarist/ Opry member
John Willis...A team session guitarist
Chris Leuzinger ...A team session guitarist
Fred Foster...Absolute Historic Nashville record mogel
Jim Horn... Historic session ace...Sax/Flute

And Well Respected artists:
Leroy Parnell...slide guitar legend
Felix Cavaliere...The Rascals! need I say more!!
Jessi Coulter!!!!!
Lane Brodi
The Crickets ...Buddy Hollys band....How cool is that!!

The Best Part Of All....Watching & hearing Reggie play for a bit...And this was a 100% Tele zone all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other electric guitars were present!!!!!

Teenie Hodges Interview

George Klein's interview with the great Teenie Hodges -- co-writer of Take Me To The River (I love that song and Willie Mitchell and the band's arrangement) and many others! He briefly mentions Reggie, Tommy, and the Memphis Boys.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dobie Gray RIP

Sorry to hear of the passing of the great singer Dobie Gray. He will be missed. RIP Dobie and thank you for all the great music you gave us!

I noticed that Dobie willed his property and future earnings to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. As most readers here know, St Jude's is just a few short blocks from the 827 Thomas Street studio location.

Here's a link to Drift Away with Reggie's timeless guitar solo!