Thursday, May 24, 2012

Duck Dunn 1941-2012

Great tribute to the late Duck Dunn from Steve Cook writing in Premier Guitar magazine. This excerpt was really touching:
Steve Cropper shared the news of Dunn’s passing on his Facebook page: “Today I lost my best friend, the world has lost the best guy and bass player to ever live.” Dunn’s fat P-bass tones and musical stamp are forever linked with some of the greatest popular music ever created, and his bass lines will be played on for generations to come. Duck, we thank you for your generous gift to the world, a world in which you will remain “legendary.” Godspeed, kind soul.

Thank you Duck for all the great music you made!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Cool Terry Manning Photo

Erick Crews, who runs the great American Studio Facebook page, recently made me aware of another cool Terry Manning photo. Here is the link:

From Terry's post at the site:
Here is a pretty poor low-res scan (from neg, not print) of that shot. Soon I will be making many original prints directly from the negatives, but all photo stuff has to wait in the queue of "so much to be done as soon as possible." (I just got a huge box of my negatives from the past back in my possession, after 24 years of being "lost".) In this photo Tom is tracking Son Of A Preacher Man. Bobby Emmons can be seen on organ through the CR window.
Please go to the site to view the picture since I don't yet have permission from Terry to post it. The post discusses Tommy Cogbill and the recording of Dusty's Son of a Preacher Man. Be sure to read all three pages of comments! Good stuff! Thanks Erick!

Update 8/5/12 -- received permission to post the photo -- great stuff!

Photograph © 2011, Terry Manning.  Used by permission.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on 827 Thomas Street

Check out this great blog post. The author, Aaron Brame, lives in Memphis and recently took photographs of musical locales mentioned in Robert Gordon's book It Came From Memphis. He has a current (March 2012) photograph of 827 Thomas Street -- it's now a Family Dollar store! Check out the other interesting pics -- really cool!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sign Petition to Induct American Studio into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

From the site:
In order to properly honor the memory and legacy of American Recording Studio, we are seeking the assistance of music fans worldwide in a signature petition that will be submitted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame later this year. This will be a unique petition because it is an attempt to recognize the accomplishments of the "entity" that was American Studio (in the non-performer category), in much the same way you would view an individual who facilitated a hall of fame-worthy contribution to the music industry.