Thursday, June 14, 2012

Check out this great new Blog!

Mark Nicholson has put up a great blog featuring recordings that were released on the AGP label. Really nice job Mark!

Mark describes the site as follows:
Via the wall of his Facebook group dedicated to the legendary American Sound Studio in Memphis, Erick Crews recently voiced his hopes to see an online database that would serve to catalogue the impressive series of singles as originally released on the AGP label between 1968 and 1970.

Online discographies exist, as do several videos on YouTube. As such a wealth of material is now available on the internet, I decided to to try and put together a comprehensive record of what is out there. Huge thanks go out to the good folks who have created YouTube videos featuring this material - some of which are linked to this blog - and additional thanks are directed towards Roben Jones and Erick Crews who kindly provided me with several elusive audio files and label scans. Without their invaluable contributions this blog would not exist!

At this moment in time a few pieces of the puzzle still remain to be missing, namely some label scans and track information relating to the (withdrawn?) Dee & Don single. I intend to update this blog and include any missing pieces if and when they present themselves to me. If anyone reading this has the material required to fill the gaps, please contact me via Erick Crews' Facebook group devoted to this revered studio's body of work. In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful music contained within this very special collection of seven inch singles...

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