Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Satellite Makes Tracks For McLemore

Check out WKNO radio's excellent series on The Memphis Sound hosted by Rob Grayson. Chips figures prominently in the history of Memphis music and he is featured in several of these episodes:

Built in the 30‘s, The Capitol Theater on McLemore brings back fond memories to South Memphians of Saturdays spent watching double features, a serial, and three cartoons, plus a Coke and candy bar, all for a quarter. By 1960, those days were gone, and the building was up for rent. Chips Moman found it, and all parties decided it fit the bill. With 25-foot high ceilings and a sloped floor, the room retained a live concert-hall feeling which would give the label’s recordings an identifiable sound all their own. The team pitched in on renovations, building the control room on the stage, adding acoustic baffles, and converting the candy counter into a record store.

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