Friday, July 31, 2009

Soul of the City

Check out this 1999 article by J.R. Jones from the Chicago Reader. Very insightful commentary on Chips's musical philosophy and approach to recording:


  1. Fans of Memphis music will already have caught this error, but the "Class of '55" record was recorded at Sun Studio, not 827 Thomas Street.

    Thanks, Allen, for posting the piece.

  2. MizzGrizz4:34 AM

    Actually, it was recorded both places.Dick Clark Productions did a documentary about it,and in the film you see some of the session being done at American and hear Chips talking about the magic of ''that li'l ole room'' and how emotional it was for him to be back in it.

    Also..Jim Dickinson was peripheral to American.He was there as a fill-in pianist on a Gentrys session and was not around for much thereafter.The prominent pianist at American in itsearly days right up until the end was Chips' writing partner and good friend Bobby Emmons.

    Great article though.Good to see Tommy Cogbill mentioned a lot.You just can't say enough about him.

  3. Thanks MizzGrizz for the clarification about the documentary. Also, regarding Jim Dickinson, he often exaggerates in interviews I've read with them, so what he says should be taken with a grain of salt!

  4. MizzGrizz8:29 PM

    Larry Butler was another keyboard player who was around Memphis in the early days at American.Then he returned to Nashville and studio work there.

    Dickinson hung around with Dan Penn some when Dan had his studio, Beautiful Sounds.He produced a 45 on Atlantic for Dan,''That Lucky Old Sun''but nothing came of it unfortunately.