Sunday, June 21, 2009

YouTube -- Fly Me To The Moon

Check this playlist for Bobby Womack's Fly Me To The Moon album recorded at American and released on the Minit label. Still sounds great! Bobby and Reggie were a great guitar duo on this album!

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  1. MizzGrizz11:16 PM

    That whole album ''My Prescription'' is a wonderful work.Produced by Chips Moman with string lines by Mike Leech.Readers here are encouraged to get the Cd so they can delight not only in this piece but in a fantastic arrangement of a song called ''You Ought To Think It Over'' and a beautiful, sorrowing plea for equality called ''love, The Time Is Now.''Both songswritten by Bobby and his partner Darryl Carter, who was one of American's sound engineers and backup vocalists at the time.