Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Travis Wammack's Scratchy (co-written by Gene Chrisman)

Check out this YouTube track of guitarist Travis Wammack's 1962 instrumental Scratchy -- written by Travis, Prentiss McPhail, and Gene Chrisman!

And then check out this video interview with Travis -- it's great! He talks about sharing the writer's credit with Prentiss and Gene.

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  1. Travis Wammack is a story in himself.He was occasionally at American, more often in Muscle Shoals and he toured on the same bill as Bobby Wood back in 1964 when Bobby was a teen idol and riding a hit written by Stan Kesler(American's last great sound engineer)"If I'm A Fool''. Wammack did a couple of instrumentals under his own name at American and played lead on a session for Oscar Toney Jr. cut there under Papa Don's supervision in 1967.Always an interesting player.